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Q.How do I find the card I'm looking for?
A.Please try the following tips for successful searching:
  1. Keep It Simple
    When entering a search string, the best results are usually obtained if you enter just one word from the card title. Try to use the least common word, i.e. you should avoid using words like "the", "and", and "a", which could produce hundreds or thousands of results.
  2. Avoid quotes
    The search engine does not deal well with words containing quotes (' or "). For example, if searching for Tiger's Breath, it would be best to simply search for tiger. (The case of letters is also unimportant: TIGER, tiger and TigeR would all be treated the same.)
  3. Try a different approach
    If you have failed to find a card using various combinations of words when searching by game and expansion, try using different search paramaters. You could try using filtering by card type or faction. Or perhaps the card is out of stock? The search form offers many different ways of finding the same card.

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